Sessions at a Glance

National Cyber Awareness Day

A look at the incidents, impact and implications of Cyber Security nationally, regionally and globally.

Starting on Day 1 April 24th This special 1-day event titled, “Belize Online: Digital Security in An Interconnected World”, will draw on a team of local, regional and international experts to present national stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of current trends, issues and approaches in addressing cyber-security.

Public Sector Forum

Discover approaches to developing effective cyber-policy, protecting public sector networks and securing government electronic services.

Public Forum

Learn about cyber security and cyber safety with practical steps for protecting the youth, home networks, smartphones and personal data.

Business Forum

Understand the severity and global scale of the challenges cyber-attacks pose to the organizations. Gain practical insights to transform how security threats are tackled and resolved.

Starting on Day 2 April 25th Each Forum presents Cyber Security and Cyber Safety topics tailored to the needs and priorities of specific stakeholder groups.

Law Enforcement Forum

Strengthen law enforcement officers and related stakeholders capacity to respond to cyber-incidents and mitigate the risk of cyber crimes.

Network Operators Forum 2 Days

Computer network administrators, and IT professionals will gain hands-on training in threat detection, network strengthening and data security.

Starting on Day 3 - 4 April 26th - 27th

Judiciary and Legal Forum

Explore the interpretation of local, regional and international laws, regulations and cases related to surveillance, cyber intrusions by private and nation-state actors, data breaches, and privacy issues.

Starting on Day 4 April 27th This half-day event will provide members of the local and regional judiciary with exposure to the key legal and policy issues related to cybersecurity.

NIGF Task Force for National Cyber Security Framework

A cross-sectoral group of national stakeholders will draft Belize’s first National Cyber Security Framework and Action Plan.

Starting on Day 5 April 28th Closed Session for National Cyber Security Task Force